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    MS Home Solutions

    MS Home Solutions is a multi-faceted Real Estate Investment company serving the greater Houston urban and suburban markets. We specialize in buying, repairing, selling and/or renting residential properties. Our team is comprised of an extensive network of real estate professionals that can help in all aspects of the process, from credit repair agencies, insurance agents, escrow officers, realtors and mortgage brokers. The core of our team are Houstonian natives who understand the diverse cultures of the great city. You will never speak to a representative out of state who seems to be asking question after question to fill out a form! When you call MS Home Solutions, you will speak directly with one of us!

    Michael Boyd

    Michael Boyd is a real estate specialist who strives to help homeowners in these challenging times. He co-founded MS Home Solutions, LLC, a full service real estate solutions company located in the Greater Houston area. He feels that there are three core values he has learned from his previous professions that are vital and the living embodiment of what he strives for MS Home Solutions to be every day: honesty, integrity, and teamwork.

    Michael grew up in the Pasadena/Deer Park suburbs of Houston, and has previously worked in refineries in the area. He knows the hard working individuals that live in Houston and are the life of this vibrant city. This is what drives him to continue to improve the vitality of the Houston community and helping homeowners get through difficult times.

    Michael believes that every house has a solution, and he will persevere through any obstacle to help out a fellow Houstonian! He can be reached at:

    Steven Coggins

    Steven Coggins is a real estate specialist whose primary focus is helping homeowners. Steven Coggins was born and raised in the Houston area. He co-founded MS Home Solutions, LLC to improve the quality of life in the Houston area by improving the quality of housing. He focuses on finding solutions for homeowners that need to sell their house by focusing on the homeowner’s needs first and revitalizing vacant or run-down housing for new tenants or homeowners.

    Having grown up in the Houston area, Steven vividly understands the dynamics of Houston and all the amenities it has to offer. Through his efforts he hopes to retain the quality of life he has known throughout the urban and suburban areas.

    If you would like to get in touch with Steven, he can be contacted at:

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    To learn more about our company and the services we provide, we encourage you to contact us via our web form or by calling 713-659-9633.

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